Monday, March 11, 2013


Since I haven't posted anything in awhile I've decided to post a few random photos from my home. So much has been going on lately that I haven't been able to concentrate on this blog. And I've really wanted to. My husband and a friend are in the process of opening up a bicycle shop in town. It's very exciting. They will be selling city bikes and cargo bikes only. Just the kind of bike I like! I hope to be working there soon. 

That's my cat, Hams, in the last photo. He loves to eat (always watching what we do in the kitchen) and he's very, very naughty.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

house work

Over the past couple of weeks we had more work done in our house. It was nice to be able to hire someone this time (we usually do the work ourselves) to tackle our stairs and upstairs hallway. He was fastidious! Everything was covered in plastic; it was like living in a Christo artwork. And now that it's done, I can finally hang some of our art that has been in storage forever.

Monday, January 14, 2013

pink and gold

Sunday's weather forecast called for sunshine and mild weather but we woke to fog and damp coolness. A  trip to Iselin, NJ, where there is a large Indian and Pakistani community, brightened the day. Simon, who has traveled to India several times and also the household chef, focused on stocking our pantry with Indian food delights and my goal was to pick up decorative things in the color scheme of pink and gold. I think we both succeeded.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

pictures from summer

I'm not tired of winter because we haven't had much of one yet. A little snow that hasn't stuck. Unseasonably warm. Today reached the mid 50sF and tomorrow they say will reach 60F. But tonight I went through some saved photos from the past year and a half and these are some of my favorites and they all happen to have been taken during summer. My cat, Hams, in the kitchen window, Strathmere beach taken from a kite, beets before steaming, my garden marigolds, detail of a painting of a cliff in Cornwall (a family heirloom), self-portrait, and bird on wire in the backyard.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

a little bit of here

A few pictures from the house I share with my husband Simon. The first two are in the living room. The shelves hold paintings by my brother, me and friends, as well as favorite movies and music. The shelves are reflected in a mirror we salvaged from the first house we bought. The third picture is a detail in our bedroom of favorite things I like to display. After that is a picture of a cabinet my husband rescued from a job and refinished as well as a lot of other lovely things in our dining room. And the last is a shelf he built for our small bathroom.